Current Transducer Sensor

High-accuracy sensors for AC/DC current measurement and power analysis. From current clamps to high-precision zero flux current transducers and Rogowsky coils.

Our current transducers are a perfect fit for our data acquisition systems and can precisely measure AC/DC current with up to 0.03% accuracy. TEDS equipped for automatic detection and setup.

Main Features

  • AC/DC CURRENT MEASUREMENT: Welltek offers high-accuracy zero-flux current transducers, Rogowski coils, current clamps, and shunts for AC and DC current measurement.
  • UP TO 30 000 A: We offer a very wide range of current measurement ranges up to 30 000 (30 thousand) A.
  • INTEGRATED SENSOR POWER SUPPLY: The majority of the current transducers can be powered directly out of the Welltek data acquisition devices, such as SIRIUS, SIRIUS XHS, R2DB, R8, or KRYPTON. For current transducers with a higher power demand such as zero flux transducers and fluxgate transducers an MCTS is required, this device can be integrated into an all in one device or be free-standing in the world-renowned SIRIUS chassis.
  • HIGH ACCURACY: Highly precise zero flux current transducers or fluxgate compensated clamps are a perfect fit for the most demanding power measurements for E-mobility and electric motor and inverter testing applications.
  • FLEXIBLE: There are more than 1000 different current sensors are available on the market. If you want to connect your own current sensors, we are delighted to help you here. Welltek DAQ systems allow connecting any type of current transducers.
  • -40°C to +85°C: Our current transducers can operate in a wide temperature range. This is ideal for winter (-40°C) or summer climate testing (+85°C).
  • TEDS COMPATIBILITY: The majority of current transducers are TEDS IEEE1451.4​​​​​​​ compatible, which makes them plug and play. Connecting the current transducer to the DAQ device will initiate automatic sensor recognition and settings will be configured automatically. Current transducers with multiple measurement ranges are unfortunately not TEDS IEEE 1451.4 compatible and these have to be manually set up in the software.

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